Pit Equipment
M600 gauges for sale

M600 gauges for sale these are overhauled ready for work we can also overhaul and service your exisiting gauges or offer immediate exchange service

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F1 -F3 nose cone stand trolley

Stainless steel ex F1 nosecone wing assembly stand trolly carries 2 or can be used as a garage tyre trolley

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ATL car fuel filler fitting

ATL fuel filler fitting

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Manual Fuel pump

Manual Fuel pump to decant from drum or car

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ATL refuelling fittings

Misc ATL pit lane refuelling fittings for the hose line to tank

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tables and trollies engine gearbox

we have a selection of engine and gearbox stands/trollies for the pit garage Silver is ex F1 gearbox stand can easily be modified Black is engines stand with scissor jacks to get the level right just needs wheels fitted red table trolly ideal for tool chest or engine gearbox removal

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Avery Hardoll fuel fiting

Avery Hardoll 70 mm Fuel fitting for fuel dump churn

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Set up wheels Lola F3000 fitting

2 car sets of set up wheels for sale these have been made for Lola F3000 car but can easily be adapted for Reynard F3000 or F3 car size These would cost a fortune to make today £950 per car set

Price: £950  
Flight cases

various size flight cases for sale stock changing please enquire for latest sizes

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New ARO air motor to make F1 starter

New ARO air motor as used to build F1 remote starter motors £1000

Price: £1000