Gearbox / Drivetrain
Reynard 893-923 bearing carrier and parts

Reynard 893 903 913 923 bearing carrier side plate selector forks rods misc bearings  

all to build up spare parts or a gearbox if you have a casing 

Bearing carrier has had weld repair as has side plate 

Price: £CALL  
Hewland FT200

Hewland FT200 for sale fully rebuilt with new 4 bolt Historic casing and side plates

Currently with 831 cwp and Plated diff but the cwp ratio can be changed  to 931 

Price: £15000  
Dallara 399-01 gearbox

Dallara 399-01 gearbox being rebuilt by JP Silverstone £3950

also have  new gearbox casings for  97/98  and 99-01  cars

Price: £CALL  
Leyton House March 871 dummy gear case

Leyton House dummy gear box casing cast in aluminium for show car  project

Price: £CALL  
Reynard 93-98D diffs

Reynard 93-98D diffs  various types

also internal parts Bevel gears ratios Final drives in stock

enquire  for more info and prices 

Price: £CALL  
Reynard 873 gear casing new

Reynard 873 unused gear casing

Price: £2500  
LD200 4 speed early casing gearbox

LD200 gearbox 89-92 era cars

Gearbox has been stripped to rebuild has a 931 cwp for sale as is £2500 

Can fit new cwp ratio of your choice  ( allow £1300) then reassemble the gearbox with fresh rebuild for £3500


Price: £2500  
FTR gear casings

FTR gear casings for sale 2 in stock

1 new unused £1500

1 new unused but was utilised in tyre tether testing and rested in small section being broken off on the  corner of front face.

This has been professionally repaired £1400

 3 more casings due in stock soon 

Have enough parts  to build up a complete gearbox 

Price: £1400  
FTR Gearbox

FTR gearbox 6 speed 1234 cwp low use casing with new internals

Price: £6500  
Leyton House March 901 911 gearbox

Leyton House 901 or maybe 911 gearbox dismantled to rebuild some parts are damaged and need to be re made to re assemble the gearbox can sell as it is

or fully rebuilt with new parts POA


Price: £15000  
Hewland Mk9 5 speed gearbox

Hewland mk9 5 speed gearbox Quaiff LSD new 931 cwp  2 new dog rings gearbox rebuilt by JP

Price: £6950  
Leyton house F1 diffs

Leyton House diffs probably 891-90 gearbox

Price: £CALL  
Leyton House Diff casing 881-901?

Leyton House diff casings no internals maybe fit 881 gearbox or 891-901cars?

Price: £CALL  
Leyton House March 881 CWP

We have a selection of Leyton House March 881 8 35 CWP made by David Brown or Arrows Engineering also have some diff casings to be identified and a selection of DGB lightweight gears for LH F1 car

Price: £750  
DFV FG adaptor plates

Hewland FG to DFV adaptor plates new magnesium supplied to order

Price: £CALL  
Reynard 93-98D sequential gearbox

Reynard 93-98D gearbox choice of 2 High crank gearboxes could convert easily to Low crank car

Price: £CALL  
Reynard 90-92D case

Reynard 90-92D gear cases in stock also 2 gearboxes for sale

Price: £CALL  
Reynard 93-98D gearbox diff covers

Reynard 93-98D gearbox diff end covers

2 new  94-98 and 1 used 93  version

Price: £CALL  
Prosport LM3000 CV joints

Prosport LM3000 CV joints made specially for these cars 25 spline inner

Price: £75  
Ford to FG adaptor plate

Ford BDG type engine plate to fit FG series gearbox

Price: £CALL  
DFV to FGB adaptor plate new

DFV to FGB adaptor plate new supplied to order SOLD but can supply more to order

Price: £CALL  
Toleman TG181 gearbox end cover

Toleman TG181 gearbox end cover rechromated ready to use

Price: £500  
hewland Mk8/9 sideplate

1 Magnesium mk 8/9 sideplate

Price: £250  
Hewland Mk8/9 sideplates

new pair of hewland Mk8/9 sideplates for inboard brakes

Price: £CALL  
Hewland FT200 end covers

We have a sellection of Hewland FT/FGB end covers some with oil pump and alternator drives and some with rear wing poles Also have the plain flat covers but stock is constantly changing so please enquire for your specific car spec cover

Price: £CALL  
Hewland FG diffs

Hewland FG/ FGB diffs for sale 2 early type diff ( believed these where jaguar derived diffs) hewland cam n pawl FGB diff new

Price: £CALL  
March Riley & Scott heavy duty gearbox

March heavy duty gearbox a sused on Riley & Scott WSC type cars These gearboxes where also fitted to the Nissan ( built by March) 88 89 and TWR Jaguar XJR Group C cars and have also been fitted to many other types of Sports cars Transam /GT type cars capable of taking large BHP V6-V12 type motors Currently totally dismantled ready to re assemble, with sequential mechanism but can be built in traditional H pattern if required just need to purchase new H pattren spec bearing cover and selector rods.

Price: £CALL