Bodywork / Wings
dallara 397 399 sid epods

397 side pods 10 pairs used in stock also have 1 pair new 1 right 399-01 pod in stock

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Dallara 397 wings

397 dallara wing also have flaps end plates Nose cones damper covers  for the 97 spec car

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Dallara 397 nose cones

New and used nose cones in stock

new x 2 £1500

used x 5 £750

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Reynard 91d front floors

Reynard 91d front floors in stock 3 in foto another 2 in stock plus rears available

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Reynard 90-92D rear wing beam

reynard 90-92d rear wing beam also have some upper flaps elements to make full wing

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Reynard 91d front wing

Reynard 91D  Front wing £900

Price: £900  
Reynard 94I front end plates

2 right front end plates

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Reynard 94i rear wing end plates

1 pair new 94I rear wing end plates also have 2 rhs front endplates 2 right sidepods 2new nose cone oval spec

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Reynard SF79 front splitter

Reynard SF79 ish front splitters used £25 the pair 1 has cracked gelcoat other has underside lip worn away in the middle

Price: £25  
Reynard 94 and 96I Indycar side pods

Reynard new Indycars pods 94I 2 right pods 1 left 96I sidepod £650 each would cost a fortune today

Price: £650  
Reynard Indycar 94-97 nose cones

new Reynard 94-97 Indycar oval spec nosecones 2x 94I and 1 pair of wings 1x 95I 1x97I nosecones

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Reynard 92-98D front wing end plates

Various Reynard 92-98D wing end plates they do vary for the different wings

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Reynard 93D rad ducts

Reynard 93D rad ducts

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Reynard 89-98D air boxes

Reynard 89-98D air boxes for Mugen DFV AC motors

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Reynard 88-98D rear floors

Reynard 88-98D rear floors in stock here is a sample photo of 93d rear floor

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Reynard 97D engine cover

Reynard 97D engine cover also have mould to make more

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Reynard 96D new rear wing

Reynard 96D bendy rear wing new

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Reynard 90-98D rear wing elements

Many rear wing elements for Reynard 90-98D cars

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Reynard 92-98D rear wing

Reynard 92-98 D rear wing

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Reynard 98D front wing

Reynard 98D deep front wing made to order will fit 92-98D nose cones

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Reynard 91-98D front wing flaps

Various flaps in stock for 91-98D cars

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Reynard 94-98D wing drop mounts

Reynard 94-98D front wing drop mounts various types in stock

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Reynard 90D engine cover

new Reynard 90D engine cover

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Reynard 91D new front nose wing assembly

New Reynard 91D nose wing assembly ready to race

These cost back in 91 92 £10k back then 

Price: £6500  
Reynard 89D front flaps

Reynard 89D front flaps 2 types also have front wings

Price: £CALL  
Reynard 90D monocoque new

New Reynard 90D monocoque these cost £25 000 in 1990! Have a few parts to add to the tub front casting damper and suspension mounts

Price: £2500  
Historic rear wings

We have a variety of Historic F1 / F5000 F2/ Atlantic size rear wings £150-300 we have more photos with some dimensions please enquire for more

Price: £150