Lola T290 Mazda Grand Champion
£ 185000

Lola 290 Sports Racecar built 1972 and shipped directly to Japan where it raced from 72- 81 in the Grand Champion series and the Fuji Endurance series These cars raced initially with the factory body work but they later had low drag bodies made by Mooncraft fitted as all races where held at Fuji which is a high speed circuit The first owner raced the car in 1972 & 73 with Lola T290 body and Mitsubishi engine, he sold the car at the end of 73 season and for 1974 and 75 the car was raced with Mazda 12A rotary engine and then he sold the car For 1976 this Lola was raced for many years by the Kondo team with Taku Akaike as driver and the car was entered under various titles from Lola 290 replica, Kondo Lola, Kondo Special & March 74S replica and was fitted with a12A then in 77 13B Mazda rotary engine giving about 275 hp all mated to the Lola bell housing and Hewland FG400 gearbox. In 1977 the car raced with a different body prior to the March 74S style body that is currently fitted. We have race results for the car and period photographs from magazines The car has sat for over 10 years in a museum and is currently being restored. It has been stripped for inspection and the gearbox has been rebuilt and re chromated. The magnesium parts have been crack tested and re chromated fitted with new bearings and brake calipers overhauled with new seals & pistons The engine is a 13B dry sumped motor has been rebuilt and dyno run giving a good torque curve and power circa 240 bhp. Alternatively a “works “ Mazda engine can be purchased the quotes are in the region of £14k for this type of engine giving 300 hp and many miles between rebuilds unlike the BMW/BDG engines which will do 1000 miles and cost  7-10k to rebuild. The Lola T290 is eligible to race in European 2 litre sports car Orwell series and Masters Proto 70`s and CER events as well as USA historic sports car races The car is rebuilt ready to test and we have many photos of the car in its rebuild stages and current condition with some period shots If you require more please ask For sale now at £185k ( the last T290 sold in 09 for £230k !)