Dallara 399-01 Vauxhall XE Speiss
£ 24950

Dallara 399/01 fitted with Vauxhall/Opel XE engine built to Monoposto spec utilising the Spiess F3 fuel injection MBE ECU

Car was stripped down and repainted in Lamborghini Murcialago metallic orange.

Car was rebuilt with new £2k wiring loom and Pi Delta dash and logger.

Koni dampers side exit exhaust and silencer to qualify for sub 108dba.

£24950 with Spare parts included front nine wing damper cover  engine cover front floor  1 set of dry tyres on rims.

Car has been a front runner racing in Monoposto championship with podiums and won first round at Donington in April 2019.

Engine was rebuilt  prior to this round. 

Assistance available for running the car by the race prep shop that has prepared and built all our cars the past 10 years.