BMW 320i Group 5 DRM

BMW 320i Group 5 race car as raced in the German DRM series by privateer Gustav Fischer in 1978 with 2 litre BMW M12 engine The car was built by Fischer from the write off works car crashed by Eddie Cheever at round 1 in 1977 The car was then sold to Gerhard Reiss and it appears he race dthis car on the Mountains ( we are waiting to have further discussions with him for more info) In 1981 this car was purchased by Kenneth Liem and raced in the Silverstone 1000 KM race and qualified for the Spa race but the event was abandoned due to torrential rain Leim did not race the car again and in 1984 it was sold to his team mates son Christer Simmonsen to race in Sweden in local saloon car races and then sold to a number Finnish drivers to race in domestic club events the last driver being John Westerman The car was not raced for many years prior to coming to the UK The car appears to be complete less engine and is ready for restoration to race again This car qualifies for the Masters Proto 70`s series and the CER events and can run at Classic Le Man events as well as the German Youngtimer series We can restore the car to customer requirements if required Sadly the paperwork was lost by Mr Leim many years ago but we have spoken with owners 2, 3 and 4 for info and we are aware of owners 5 and 6 and will in due course obtain more info on their racing results