Leyton House 911 Ilmor V10

Leyton House 911-5 rolling chassis with Ilmor V10 engine alongside to install This car was T car throughout out 91 season and was raced extensively in 92 season by Paul Belmondo and Emmanual Naspetti at the Australian GP. The car then sat in a collection of cars until the collection was sold off mid 2000s and the car was purchased by the current owner in 2007 where it sat in his private collection. Ilmor motor was recently purchased to complete the package and to keep the car so it could be run in its original specification. With the increase in demonstration driving at various arc meetings and Historic festivals these F1 cars are now in demand. If your require the car too be fully stripped rebuilt ready to run we can organise this and run the car at events but please do not ask for a quote as it is impossible to quote on such a task only "guesstimate".